On how to spot a terrorist
A British technology group has created a scanning device that sees into people's mind to spot thoughts and ideas.

The electromagnetic technology, known as Millimeter Wave, or MMW, is just one aspect of a potential revolution in security screening being pioneered at QinetiQ, formerly part of the research arm of the British defense ministry.

Another prospect in store is "hyperspectral sensing" that will check for pheromones, secreted by the human body, which indicate agitation or stress.

Terrorism is a stressful business
The stress may have an innocent cause, such as fear, but could also very well betray the nervousness of a potential attacker. The point is to alert security staff to something unusual that need registration and further investigation.

As with MMW, the technology could function at a distance and without the need for people to know. By conducting such checks all the time and everywhere the world will be a nicer place and we'll all be happier.