The millenium 2K is all about tolerance. have embraced this beautyful thing, by creating a site for all sexual diversities. If your sexual fetish isn't on this page you could put a message on our answering machine requestion it.

Trees. Trees is one of the oldest living organisms on earth. Ever since man descended from the trees some of us have wanted to go back up again. If you're one of these persons here's a site just for you.
Terms like "Sweet as candy" and "honey" are used now in day to day talk, but where do they originate from. No one knows, but this is a page for people that has the hots for the sweet tooth.
Ever stumbled upon terms such as "Look at the cans on her" or "I'd love to look inside that can". Clearly the meaning of these have change through the years, but not so long ago when the conserves can was invented people didnt know what to use it for. Like all new technologies the porn industry quickly had 80% of the market producing cans for all sorts of kinky stuff. But This is all long forgotten.
Are you of the opinnion that all the new colors, especially the neon colors are a menage to sociaty? Well fear no more. On This page a tribute to the vintage colors have been put up. Go ahead and knock your self out.